Vasco Freitas® launches his unique image and brand hairstyle salon located in one of the most reputable and beautiful areas of Oporto seaside, Foz do Porto.

The 220sqm space and 60sqm sunny patio offers a sophisticated, versatile and adaptable brand hairstyle center which lays the premises of Vasco Freitas® brand expansion strategy. Every detail is focused on the costumer service by the Vasco Freitas team, taking part in the fusion of the best products, selected contemporary art, international fashion and accessories as well as a rich multimedia experience while enjoying the trendy seaside lifestyle of Oporto international touristic reputation. The commercial space includes areas targeted for sale, training, beauty treatments and brand management.

Conceptually, all the components of the salon loosen up the pavements, ceiling and walls, enabling the usage of this elements for the essential brand communication while, together with art and fashion, this special physical media are prepared for a constant mutation. The crafted personalised mirrors, floors and carefully selected electrical components are just an example of the creativeness brought by the studium® creative director Sérgio Magalhães to the Vasco Freitas® salon project :

“I want to turn the guts of the project inside out and present that refined roughness as the rugged tenacity of Vasco’s life achievements.”

Special areas are reserved for the client, where he or she receives all the attention and treatment that are the core of the salon. This innovative approach, contextualised by Vasco’s fashion background is where all the spotlights point to, in a backstage and technical glamour ambience.